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Friday, July 25, 2008

I HATE shopping

I have never been a shopper and it has only gotten worse as I have gotten older. I hate shopping. I go grocery shopping and shopping for essentials like shampoo and laundry soap when I have to but I put it off for as long as possible in hopes that my husband will go instead.

The only shopping I don't mind doing are going to second hand stores and to garage sales. I buy most of mine and the kids clothes this way. I do this for financial reasons but also because I love the challenge of finding great clothes for little money. Rarely do I buy myself new clothes, shoes or jewelery. Keep in mind that my husband has no problem with me buying new stuff for myself, in fact I think he would like it if I did...but I don't because that would mean walking into a would mean shopping.

For the most part, the clothes I have, work for me. I am a jeans and t-shirt or tank top kind of gal. My life does not require me to dress up although I actually don't mind it. I just don't have occasions to dress up for. Unless someone is getting married or has died, the clothes I have are fine. We have a wedding this weekend...I have known about it for months...I knew I needed to go shopping for something to wear and put it off and put it off...until daughter drug me to the mall. Oh the dread. Oh the pain of and trying on clothes.

I can honestly say that I hate shopping even worse after yesterday. It was horrible. It took me many hours before I found something half ways decent to wear. Now, my daughters love shopping...their good at it. I am not. It doesn't help that I struggle with body image issues and have been worse since going through menopause. I know that I am not the easiest person to shop with. To be perfectly honest I know that I tend to be picky about what I am willing to wear. But, even my daughter that loves shopping had a hard time with the clothes out there.

There are A LOT of ugly clothes out there...there was not a lot to pick from and let me tell you, we went to A LOT of stores. The thing is the dresses were either short and slutty or for an elderly grandma. Although I am a grandma and yes I am getting older, I refuse to wear anything of the sort. I didn't get a dress. After many hours of this torture, I was ready to come home with nothing. My daughter would not hear of that, so I settled for a pair of slacks and a somewhat cute top. My poor daughter was exhausted from trying to dress her mom.

It is going to take me days to recover from this shopping experience. I would rather milk cows, pick rocks, clean my entire house, then do that day over again. I kid you not. My daughter now thinks I need therapy but that's a whole 'nother topic for another day!


christinewith6 said...

Ha...jeans and jammies are my uniform....I don't mind shopping for the kids ONLINE. AT HOME. I hate grocery shopping. With our big family we spend so much $ on groceries every month. I hate it. I don't mind going by MYSELF to JoAnn's to look and usually buy material or go down the yarn aisle at Wal-Mart. That's fine. But pretty much my issues/objections are more that I feel like a referee at the store with 5 kids!

Beth said...

I love jeans and jammies too, but I love to shop! Esp. if I have money! woohoo! But it seems like, whenever I ahve money, I can't find a single thing. But if I'm broke? I find junk all over the place!

I love to shop at thrift stores too...we have a HUGE store near us that always has great stuff.

how's your visit with your daughter? :)

Cheryl said...

yes second hand is the best of all bests! when it comes to shopping second hand stores i could shop all day. i'm sure you're going to look great in you outfit! hope you're enjoying your daughters visit!!!i am a jeans girl myself, shorts allllll summer tho, until i absoulutly have to put pants on.