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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another interruption to let go

This big love fest I've been having has been interrupted with yet another reality of life. Another child of mine is moving out of state. She is my youngest daughter and at 21, this is not the first time to let her go. I let her go 3 years ago when she left for college but at least that was in the same state. She moved back home, April of 2007, after giving birth to her son. The father of her son, had decided in the middle of her pregnancy that he didn't love her and wanted to be with someone else. The last 15 months have been a time of healing and repair for her. She has worked hard to get on her feet and for that I am proud. Now that she has healed, she is ready to take on the world again, without my help. She is ready to leave the nest and make her own place in the world. Her wings have healed and she is ready to fly. I have to let her go.

Her sons father lives in another state and for the last year my grandson has went there for a week or so every month. It's been very hard on her to have him so far away every month and because my grandsons dad really is a good dad, she wants him to be able to see him on a more frequent basis. She is over this guy and yes, he is still with the girl he left her for and yes, she has come to terms with this. A month ago, she found a job in the same city that he lives in, which she starts next week. Today, she will pack up everything she can fit in her car and then the rest will get moved in a week or so. Tomorrow is her last day of work here and then she leaves on Saturday. I will be keeping her son for the next couple of weeks while she gets settled. We will bring him to her the first weekend in August and then I too, will have to let my precious grandson go.

This time I have had with them has been precious. Getting to watch my grandson grow up has been a blessing. Watching her heal and grow as a young woman has been good. She has her confidence back and she is ready to take on the world. Now the time has come for me to let go of them. This is hard for so many reasons but in reality this is a good thing. I am happy for her...for be living in their own home...for her to be independent and following her own dreams and goals for life. I am glad to see her so happy and excited. I would never tell her not to go. I will not make her feel guilty for moving so far away. She is doing what I raised her to do. I will support her no matter how sad I am to have them so far away...this is what I have to do as her parent and her friend.


Dorothy said...

My granddaughter is 20 and pregnant. The father just married someone else. The family is working to help her through this. Thanks for sharing your family.

It will help us.

Dorothy from grammology
remember to hug your gram

Cheryl said...

i think by the way things sound that you will be okay, it seems that you have helped her to get where she is going and is comfortable by taking this step she is taking. you are a super mom in my eyes and i'm sure your kids think so too. you are so busy with taking care of your babies, i think that will help the missing link. she knows you are behind her i'm sure and that is a big support for her to take on this new adventure. i wish her luck and with a mom like you, she always has someone there to talk to and to depend on in times of trouble....she will be just fine!!!