In our family...

In our family....we do second chances...we do grace...we do real...we do mistakes...we do I'm sorry (and I forgive you)...we do loud really well...we do hugs...we do family...we do love.

Friday, June 6, 2008

What's there not to love...huh?

So yeah, it's been the mother of all weeks and yeah, I'm so to my limits...and all I can say is things better improve because there is only so much humor I can pull out of myself on any given week. We do a lot of singing, dancing, laughing, acting silly...what we call crazy making, through out our days...just to get by. I have a saying that I say quite frequently,to my little people, "I am going crazy, do you want to come with?" To which they usually reply quite happily with, "Sure, I want to come with to crazy."

Let me just say that without humor, without this "crazy making"...without laughing in the midst of the puke and shit I would not have survived and just maybe it was some of the things said to me this week by my favorite little people, that helped make things a little bit sweeter.

Such as at 6 this morning when little man got up...ugg!
Me: "Is that my favorite little boy in the world, that I hear?"
Little man: "Yep, that's me, huh, and here's the favorite, little mommy in the world, huh."

I am trying to wash dishes yesterday morning with 3 little helpers. Meaning, 3 little people standing at my legs, pushing and shoving, screaming, to be the one that is touching me the most.
Me: "Okay little people, wouldn't you much rather go play with your actual toys or watch tv?"
Little lady: "Nooooooo mommy!"
Little man: "Oh no mommy, I'd much rather be with you, huh."

Yesterday, I heard little man up in his room when he was suppose to be napping, so I went in there and found him standing on his tool box and opening up his window.
Me: "What are you doing out of bed?"
Little man: "It stinks in here huh!"
And my gawd did it ever stink...another crap explosion but thankfully this time it wasn't on his bedding!
Little man:"I think theres been another explosion in my diaper huh."
After changing him, he said "thank you mommy for making me all clean again."

Yesterday, while trying to dust my house with 3 little helpers. Yes, I am crazy.
Little man: "Mommy, aren't you so happy that I'm helping you, huh?
Me: "Sure."
Little lady: "Me help mommy too!"
Little man: "We love helping mommy make our house pretty huh. Do you like making our house pretty mommy huh?"
Me: "Maybe you guys could go make your rooms pretty by picking up your toys."
Little man: "No thank you."

This morning at 6:30 while watching cartoons in my bed. Little man grabs me and hugs me really tight and says, "oh mommy, my love is so big for you!"
Me: "oh thank you, I love you so big too."
Little man: "your welcome mommy...and thank you for using good manners mommy, huh."

Did you catch the word, "huh" at the end of most of his sentences? Just recently he started using this word at the end many of his sentences. Go figure. I am clueless to where that comes from. Well, I have one child on my lap and two others trying to get on there so my time is up. So anyways, here's a picture of my 3 little helpers...what's there not to love huh?


Cheryl said...

there is alota love from these little ones for you. they are so lucky to have you!!! their conversations are so cute at this age. at least by the sounds of things everyone is feeling better. hopefully the weather will be good for you now for your party. i had a good visit, my daughter took the day off, and to tell you the truth, if it's just me and little grandson, my time with him is better, when mom is around he wants her and you can't blame him seeing she works full time and dad does too so he only sees them in the evening during the week. he misses them and it is only normal he would want them over me. we had our close time today but he wanted mom more, can't blame the little guy. anyway i had a great day . i seen my mom also and my son in which i hadn't seen for about 6 weeks or so,(also got to see my grand dog oakley) it was really nice to see him. i all in all had a great day! hope you did too... i'll have to post on my blog one of these days. kinda lazy i guess. busy with life but not time to blog about it, just time to check out my friends blogs...he,he,he. gave a great weekend!

Cammy said...

Those little ones do say the cutest things, don't they? You are so right - it is those moments that keep you sane and make it all worth it! Keep smiling!

Beth said...

awwww....they are so cute. You really are the lucky one. ?At times I'm sure you want to pull your hair out, but they are so worth it, huh?