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In our family....we do second chances...we do grace...we do real...we do mistakes...we do I'm sorry (and I forgive you)...we do loud really well...we do hugs...we do family...we do love.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stinky Interruptions

Talk about life has enough of them and now there are more. Seems that life was just not exciting enough around here so a few more interruptions needed to get thrown in to the mix. On Sunday night the stomach flu hit our home with both little man and little lady getting it...fine, I can handle this...whats one day of not getting things done around here in preparation for J-mans party?

On Monday night I woke up sick to my stomach...seems that the nausea I had felt all day Monday was NOT from cleaning up vomit and shit or the horrible smell coming from my children. Tuesday was horrible to say the least...being sick while taking care of two sick little ones...need I say more? Another day of not getting much done. The clock is ticking away and I just want to bury my head under a rock.

I woke up yesterday not feeling much better but it seemed like little man and little lady were feeling better so fed them their cereal like normal. In fact I started thinking maybe I was feeling better too and that just maybe I could get some things done. When I picked little lady up from her chair and gave her a hug, I could smell something and before it was too late I had her crap all over me. Not long after getting her, myself and the kitchen cleaned up, little man had an explosion all of his own. It smelled like somebody or something died in my house. I opened up windows in spite of it being COLD outside to get my house aired out. Why is there never anyone else home when things like this happen? Like my husband who has a strong stomach?

At this point I am thinking what is going to come of this party we are suppose to have for J-man on Sunday...not only am I sick to my stomach but in a lot of pain due to the cold, there seems to be no end to the cold, rainy weather we are having, the little people want me to sit and hold them and I am not getting anything done. I had my own little pity party for a short time and then convinced myself that everything will get done...eventually. Later in the morning J-man came home and he was a great help with the little people so I could get some things done before I had to leave for a doctors appointment. Between my husband, J-man and myself we got quite a bit done yesterday so things are looking up in that department.

J-man woke me up around 1 am this morning to tell me that he has the stomach flu. Then we were woken up early this morning to another crap explosion from little man...once again all of his bedding was in the washer before 7 am. So, the start to another exciting day around here.

It has been raining and storming here every day and it is suppose to keep up through out the weekend. That is another wrench thrown into this mess because where are we going to put everyone for J-man graduation party? We only have a small garage that is full of stuff so that isn't an option. We have one tent and are praying that God sheds a little love on us and give us a break from the rain.

These interruptions...these unexpected happenings...these things that test my sanity and patience...are a reminder of how dirty of a job motherhood is or just how plain dirty life can get sometimes and for the most part we really don't have any damm control over "it"...we only have control over how we respond to "it". Life happens. Life can really stink. Life sucks sometimes. Life is hard. Life is also good but it doesn't always feel that way.

We will get through this...these interruptions will pass and more will come because life isn't always what we plan. My next interruption will come in a short time as my beautiful son, J-man, will be leaving me to make his own journey. As much as this saddens me, I am so damm proud of him for his courage to fly out on his own. For now, today, I will deal with the interruptions at hand.


Beth said...

ya know what?'s crazy that so many people are getting the FLU this time of year!!! I know alot of people who are/have been sick with it....stay away from my house!!!

I hope everyone gets to feeling better...and explosions like that you can do without!!! ;)

Cheryl said...

wow, wow, wow you are being hit from all directions. i hope the sun comes up tomorrow :) , sorry to hear you and your kiddies aren't feeling good, things will get better! good luck with the party this weekend. i'm going up to see my little grandson tomorrow. my day will be just fine. i'll keep my fingers crossed for a dry day. it just started raining here about a half hour ago, doesn't sound good for tomorrow. congradulations to your son, i wish him the best of luck in the future.