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In our family....we do second chances...we do grace...we do real...we do mistakes...we do I'm sorry (and I forgive you)...we do loud really well...we do hugs...we do family...we do love.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Daughter

My youngest daughter is 21 years old today. This is my 4th child to reach this milestone in their life...this means I am old enough to have 4 children that can legally yeah, I am feelin old this morning. Each time one of my children has a birthday I really do thank God for the gift of them...I celebrate them but I also celebrate the fact that they have been in my life for X amount of years and all that their life has done to me and for my life and the relationships I have with them that are so precious and ways it feels like it is my birthday the way that in giving birth to them, they gave birth to me, the mommy...the mom...the mother...each time I gave birth, more of me evolved...they have made me a better person. Now with my new little ones...even though I didn't give birth to them physically, I did in my heart...their very lives make my life evolve even more...I see myself still becoming more of what I already was.

So, here's to my little girl who has grown up on me...faster then I would have liked...better then I imagined. I celebrate your life...each precious second that I have gotten to have you in my life. You bless my life. You have taught me many things in your 21 years. You are a wonderful young woman with so many passions. You are still on the road of discovering yourself and sometime that road is a bumpy one...mistakes are fall down and get back up...sometimes you even get lost and go down a wrong road only to discover something so beautiful(Aidyn) to take back with you to the main's the learning from the mistakes that is important...there is something good in even the hard things...the ugly things. Life is not about being's finding the perfect in the imperfect.

You have been a mommy yourself for a year now....a beautiful mommy, that is learning and growing...Aidyn will raise you up, just as you did me. You are an incredible mommy. But, you are so much more than a have so many gifts and are one of the most passionate people I know. Don't stop searching for yourself out there...find those things that you love and do them...don't ever give up on those dreams you have and those dreams you will find while along the way. Nothing is impossible. Don't ever stop being true to yourself. Always and forever be you. Always know that I believe in you....I am on your side. I will never give up on you...there is nothing you could do to make me stop loving you or being there for you.

Happy, happy birthday dear daughter of still toss and turn my heart...I love you all the way to the moon and back!


Brittany Danielle said...

Ohhh mommy.. I teared up in spite of myself. Even with laurie berkner singing "victor vito" in the background.. and Aidyn screaming and tearing all the books off the bookshelf! I sat and cried reading your post! Thanks YOU for giving birth to me!!! I couldnt have asked for a better mother to have had for the last 21 years :) If i'm great and passionate its because of you, encouraging me when everyone else told me to "shut up and dry the dishes.. no ones listening" (in the way only older brothers can do.. :) And you listened.. even when you were tired.. You let me get dirty, you let me create "master pieces", you let me dress up and pretend! You let me do whatever I wanted, even if you knew I'd get hurt. You were just there to kiss my owies when things didnt go exactly as planned! So heres to YOU mom :) I love you!
p.s. Now lets go to the bar and have that drink! FINALY!!!!

Beth said...

awww....what a beautiful post and then she wrote you back!!! How special is that??!

and she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Cheryl said...

happy birthday brittany, wow 21 is such an interesting age, you are now considered an adult. i wonder who keeps changing the rules on what age adults are anyways. once upon a time the age was 18, can you imagine that! i think 21 is a better age to be an adult. i don't think i became one till i was about 30 to tell you the truth, maybe even a little older. it sounds like you have a great relationship with my friend, your's nice to see that there are other daughters in the world that think their mom is a person and not just a mom. have a great year, and look forward to your next birthday, each year we have is truly a gift.