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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Preparing for a trip

**Before I get in to what I want to write about today, I want to say thank you to everyone that commented to my post about my step daughter coming for a visit. Your support and words of wisdom are very much appreciated. In response to your comments, I want to say that, yes, we are setting up very well laid out boundaries for her visit. She will get here next Thursday night while I am still at work, so my husband is planning on having a heart to heart talk with her and letting her know what these boundaries are so she knows what to expect.

Two weeks from today, we will be somewhere between here(Minnesota)and Florida, as we set out the last day of September, with our two little people in tow, to drive to the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area for my daughters wedding. Although I am very excited to be going and getting to spend two weeks with my children and grandchildren, part of me is sad because my youngest daughter and her son are no longer able to go. I was looking forward to being with all of my children and grandchildren at one time, which is a rare thing since 4 of my 5 children live in different states.

We have rented a house for 10 days, that is big enough for all of us to stay together, and it is pretty close to the beaches. This is our first ever vacation and the honeymoon we didn't get...who are we much of a honeymoon can it be when your with all your kids and grandchildren? Our only consolation is that I know my children will watch our little people so that we can go off by ourselves at times and I also know that my children will pretty much take over with them quite a bit...they are so wonderful with them and the little people adore all of them.

I am excited to get there, it's the long trip that has me a little fearful...traveling with a 2 and 3 year old will be quite interesting...and quite long. We are trying to prepare ourselves for this trip, to make it go the best that it can go, while traveling with two little people....two little people that are newly potty trained! We are planning on purchasing a portable DVD player for the those of you that have one of these, any suggestions or things I should be looking for when I go to buy one this weekend? I have a back pack for each of them and have been filling it with things for them to do on the trip. Other than books, color books, markers and crayons, movies, music Cd's, special snacks, I don't really know what else I should be putting in there. Any suggestions? Any helpful hints you can throw my way would be greatly appreciated.

Our first destination will be Gainsville, Florida, to see my youngest son, that is attending college there. I miss him so terribly much that I can hardly wait. We will spend the day and night with him before heading to my daughters in Ft. Lauderdale. She is in her 6Th year of teaching 2nd grade there and her daughter, my eldest granddaughter, is in the 4Th grade. I am very close with her (actually both of them)so plan on having her with me as much as possible! My daughter is getting married to a wonderful young man who is from Chili and will be a wonderful addition to our family.

As I am preparing for this big trip, I would appreciate any advice or suggestions from all of you. Even though I have left the state of Minnesota a few times, I have rarely traveled so I am really looking forward to this. It has been starting to get cool here...actually cold in the evenings and mornings...every year at this time we battle when we should turn the heat on. So far we haven't but I know people that have. So, it will be nice to go some place warm and get to enjoy a little more sunshine before our lovely long winter starts, which is always way too soon.

So, bring in on people...give me your travel secrets!


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Hey - I came over from your comment in thistle. I hope your trip is great and I've only been to Florida once it was Jacksonville. I really liked St Augustine though.

SciFi Dad said...

When you're done packing snacks, add one more package of goldfish crackers per 500 miles to your supplies.

Bina said...

I would LOVE to go with you! And I would certainly watch the little ones while you and your hubby go out alone!

Man, I've travled with my two boys when they were that age, and it was difficult! But we made it, thank goodness.

That's a long drive and I hope you make it okay! I know you'll have fun once you get there.

Bina said...

By the way, I don't have a portable DVD player so I have no clue what to look for!

thistle said...

Relax, take your's a holiday, not the Indy 500...stop when you have to and enjoy stopping when you do...being in too big a rush just adds tension and stress

and take lots of pictures to scrapbook with the kids when you get home!!

Cheryl said...

too cool, you are going to florida!!! i've been there quite a few times as my mom in law use to have a place in clearwater. it was our winter vacation. great place for a vacation. if you get a chance to eat a bagle dog, go for it, they are delish!! the portable dvd player is a great thought and investment for your trip, just be sure to bring enough movies for them. they will love you for it!! my best wishes to your daughter and the love of her life. i hope you have a great time and yes enjoy the weather coz when you get home, it's gona be getting COLD outside...ISH. a dry erase board with colored markers might be fun, but be sure you buy 2 of them, one for each of them. i think that would be fun for them and i think you can buy kids ones at like walmart in the crayon section. i think they are pretty cheap too :)
well friend, have fun and yes take lots of pictures. look forward to seeing some of them. gotta get back to work, ick. have a nice weekend and a real nice time with your family (and your special time with hubby!)

D'Arcy said...

I have driven across the country twice. The first time I was driving to Florida to move there, the second I was driving away from Florida....

So many beautiful things to see. If you cut down through North and South Carolina there is a hilarious place called South of the Border that has an amazing hat store that your little ones will love.

Each state is amazing, each one unique, each one has things to offer. Just take your time, stop at parks, smell the air, see the changing leaves, enjoy the humidity, and remember, Florida is one of the most beautiful states in America!

Have fun friend!!!!

Oh, bring a long a Bill Cosby book to read out loud to your hubster when the kids are sleeping, they are SO much fun on road trips!!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

It's been so long since I traveled with little ones and technology has come so far since then. Sounds to me like you have it all well planned and under control. My best advice would be to keep your sense of humor and enjoy the journey. How great to enjoy (almost) all of your family together at once. Have a great time. And let me know if you want me to join you for that spinning class!

Jason said...

Oh, boy. We just got back from a road trip with our four year old, and it was only four hours away, and he is not used to traveling. Let me just say you are BRAVE.

It sounds like you are bringing lots of entertainment and snacks. Bring an equal amount of patience and tolerance and Tylenol!