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In our family....we do second chances...we do grace...we do real...we do mistakes...we do I'm sorry (and I forgive you)...we do loud really well...we do hugs...we do family...we do love.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Two Women

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting the sweetest elderly woman at a Kinship care support group. (It’s a group for people raising relative children)

I hadn’t planned on going. Actually I had forgotten but remembered later that morning.

I really wanted to stay home and watch football. Did I really want to make the 45 minute drive?

I was exhausted and drained but something told me I needed to go.

Or was it my daughter, saying, “Mom, your really need to take care of yourself.  So go!” ?

It meant leaving crying children with my daughter, since my husband was still working but I went. It was only my 2nd time going so I was a little nervous.

I sat next to this sweetest elderly woman. She shared with me that her and her husband are raising their 9 year old grandson and almost 11 year old granddaughter. Then she whispers to me, “I’m going to be 71 tomorrow.”, with a big smile on her face.

She is beautiful. I can tell that she was beautiful in the worldly sense in her younger years. Now, that beauty is much more refined. The lines on her face tell a story.

She is 71 years old today and raising 2  children. Amazing.

As she shared her story with me, I felt so blessed to be sitting next to this wise woman.

I was exactly where I was suppose to be.

She was this beautiful angel that was sent to give me a message…and to make me laugh.

Her words breathed such comfort into my aching heart.

She was like a cold drink of water for my dry thirsty desire to be understood.

I am not walking this road alone.

Her eyes, though tired, sparkled as they looked into mine with understanding. No words needed to be spoken.

As we parted, I wished her happy birthday once more and wished her well until we meet again.

I am so thankful I went…for my daughter that made it possible…and we even got 30 minute chair massages from students attending a massage school. Woot! Woot!

When I woke this morning, the first thing I thought about was my new friend and sent out a birthday blessing for her.

And then I thought of another special friend.

I have another dear friend that turned 82 today. We almost lost her a couple of months ago, so this birthday was extra special.

She is one of the most dearest, sweetest, kindest, gentle, graceful and  loving woman I’ve ever known.

She is beautiful. Yes, she has lost her youth..but it’s these wrinkles that are etched into her face that deepen her beauty. They tell a story of life and of loving.

The beauty of her wisdom is amazing…her blessing me with the knowledge she has gained from having walked this earth these years before me, are a priceless gift.

Most of the things I’ve learned from her did not come out of her mouth but by the way she’s lived.

I am still learning from her.

Today we celebrated with her, over lunch that we brought to her at the nursing home in which she lives. Our intent had been to take her out but she was too weak. Still, her smile lit up the room as we sat around her. When they fill up with tears over the joy she felt, it is hard not to cry myself. What a priceless gift she is to me and it’s not my birthday.

Two beautiful elderly woman with birthday’s today. Two women, that are beautiful beyond words and worldly beauty. Two women, that the world was made better by their existence.

Two women that have changed my mind about what beauty looks like.

Some day, I hope I am beautiful like them.

Even though the day is almost over, Happy Birthday you sweet beautiful women.

I hope that you have the honor of knowing someone older and wiser then yourself. I hope you recognize the beauty and value in such people in your life.

Happy weekend to you & yours.

Until next time, love & hugs, Lori



Brian Miller said...

i hope you have a wonderful weekend...isnt it funny the times we dont want to do something and we do it anyway and then something great happens...i love that...these sound like wonderful ladies...

Kit Kat said...

This was a very beautiful post Lori! I'm happy that you seem to be feeling better... and not alone!

Colleen: said...

Lori, you write so beautifully and have a great gift of seeing beauty in others. I'm so glad you met that lovely woman yesterday, God sends along hope even when we don't expect it.
Thank you for sharing this.

Natalie said...

This is the gift of Spirit shining brightly in these two beautiful ladies. How loved and blessed you must be, Lori, to have these diamonds in your life. xx♥

Joyce A Gray said...

I really related to your post. There are many times I have to make myself do something only to have a wonderful time. I cherish the relationships I have had with those older, wiser women in my life. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Buckeroomama said...

I agree with Colleen about you having the wonderful gift of seeing beauty in others. You do!

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend with your loved ones.

TechnoBabe said...

So many younger people are repulsed by elderly people. I don't know what the reasons are but I do know some younger people who feel like that. For you to be wise enough to see the inner beauty of the older women friends tells me much about you. Hugs to you.

The Incredible Woody said...

What a wonderful tribute to your friends!!

slommler said...

Such a beautiful tribute to your friends. Yes it is good to finally know what beauty really is!!!
Thanks for sharing this

Shrinky said...

I visited an African tribal village once, and met their eldest resident. She was SO loved by everyone she knew - they truly adored her. I think she was the most beautiful woman I have ever met, she was love incarnate.

I am so glad you made the huge effort to go to this group, it would have been so easy to stay home. You were meant to meet this dear lady, she also was there for a reason. And for the record, you too are pretty amazing..

Hilary said...

I hope you realize how much of your own beauty shines through your words. Such a lovely birthday tribute to your two friends.