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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little Miss Smarty Pants

On Monday evening little lady and I started a 4 year old school readiness class that we will go to together until the end of October. She was pretty excited about going.

Before we went, I prepared her for what we would be doing and what I expected out of her behavior wise.

I’ve said this here before, little lady is a hand full. Actually I should say 2 handfuls. She can be the sweetest little girl ever but that can change within the hour.

Can I just say drama queen?

She is a dress wearing girlie girl that likes to play football and to play in the dirt. Between her and the 2 boys she gets the dirtiest.

If it were up to her, she would be with me 24/7 and loudly protests when this is not the case. So getting to go to a class and having me all to herself is right up her ally.

Being the temperamental challenge that she can be, I talked to her about not saying her made up “naughty words” at the school.

What are made up naughty words you ask? She makes up words or uses common words and uses them as if to swear when she doesn’t like something or doesn’t get her way or is angry at someone…namely her brother or her cousin.

We don’t swear in our home(not saying we never do but control it around the little ears) so she doesn’t use any of those words. Instead she makes up her own or uses the word of the day and says them with such infliction that it sounds like swearing. Just so you know, we don’t do that when we get anger either. :) …so I don’t have a clue to where she gets this??????

Her latest words are “barner” and “barnyard”.

Anyways, I talked to her about not saying these words at school.

She isn’t suppose to say them at home either but you get my point.

So off we went to school.

I really wasn’t sure how she would act. I didn’t want her saying these words but I also didn’t want her being clingy and too shy either.

Quite contrary. She was anything but shy or clingy.

Little lady has this ability to say, do certain things and make faces that make me laugh. A lot. It wasn’t just me either. She made the teachers and other parents laugh too.

She did this quite a bit this night.

After the opening circle time, they had us going to different stations to do various tasks. We were at the first  station and she say’s to me, “Mommy do you even know what you are doing?” To which I laughed and said, “Of course I do.” and we went on with our tasks. She kept saying this at every station.

A short time later, I discovered we were at the wrong station and I said, “Oops we’re at the wrong station.” To which she loudly announced, “I just knew you didn’t know what you were doing!”

As I was walking to the parent room for the last 30 minutes of our time, she says to me from across the room, “Don’t worry Mommy I won’t say any of my naughty words until I get home!”


At the end of the night, as I came out of the parents room, she loudly asks me, “Can we run out to Wal-Mart and buy a new vcr so I can check out this movie?” as she waves a vhs movie at me.

Good grief.

Of course I said “No” and I watched as her little mouth opened and started to move and  I shook my head at her…I held my breathe waiting for her to embarrass me…and nothing came out. I was so proud of her.

As we walked holding hands, down the hall to leave the school, I told her how proud I was of her for not saying any naughty words at school. To which she proudly announced, “Oh silly Mommy, I just said them really really soft like this.” And she leans into me and whispers, “Oh barnyard.”

I’ve got my work cut out for me with little miss smarty pants.

As if I didn’t already know this.

Have a wildly wonderful Wednesday!

Until next time, love & hugs, Lori


PS Jordan is doing great at school! 



Joyce A Gray said...

Oh my Lord, how do you keep a straight face, I would be rolling on the floor laughing! I think spending some time with this cutie would be good for the soul.

Colleen: said...

Lori! I am so sorry but I am laughing like crazy at this!:) It's hilarious!!
I honestly don't know either how it would be possible to keep a straight face...I can tell you one thing, I'll never hear "barnyard" without thinking of this mischievous, charming little girl of yours!!:)
Too funny!

slommler said...

I would have a super hard time disciplining this one. Ha! What a little charmer!!

Jeannie said...

I would have such a hard time disciplining this one! Come to think of it - I had a hard time disciplining any of mine - they always cracked me up.

Fragrant Liar said...

She sounds precious, Lori. I know you're smiling the whole time you're around her (except when you're disciplining - and how hard is that?!).

From my POV, I think it's natural to exclaim something when we're upset or shocked or whatever, and the fact that your little one is using her own made-up words is a great idea. Better than using the typical four-letter bombs we adults bandy about.

My nanadaughter, who just turned 7, uses the word "barnacle" when she's mad. I love it.

Busy Bee Suz said...

She is quite a character isn't she???
I can see how you would have a hard time keeping a straight face.
Glad lil' man is doing good!!!

Brian Miller said...

oh what a wonderful little character...smiles. thanks for sharing your adventures...gave me big smiles.

LPC said...

Those little pistol-popper girls can be the devil to survive but they can make some pretty wonderful adults:).

Anonymous said...

Lori, I am just catching up on my blog reading and this was the first one I read. What a hoot! She certainly is going to keep you on your toes.

Anonymous said...

Having survived a little lady of my own like that, all I can say is she is going to grown into a spectacular woman. Between now and then, though...well, let's just say you've got your work cut out for you.

Yeah, you can say it. "Oh, barnyard..."


Hilary said...

Oh look out world.. this Little is one going concern. What a doll! I quite agree with Fragrant Liar. I think her inventive use of a common word to express her frustration is a wonderful way to deal with the situation.

Thanks for the smiles, Lori. I love your Littles. :)

Kit Kat said...

I just have to agree with all the above statements!!! I would not be able to keep a straight face!!!! She is just such a little charmer!

I'm so glad that Little man is doing well for just starting out school!!! He has been on my mind all week!!

SciFi Dad said...

OK, I wasn't even there and I couldn't help but laugh. How do you keep it together?

steviewren said...

That child is always going to know exactly where she is going and why...even when she is wrong! Good luck Mom!

Tammie Lee said...

it sounds like your life is full of joy and alive as can be. How very lovely!

gaelikaa said...

My kids never fail to floor me with the way they've picked up stuff; my youngest is seven and he's had a maturity spurt lately. I'm truly exhausted.

Congrats on your POTW mention.