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Friday, January 15, 2010

Finding Happy in the Darkness


Otin & RxBambi are hosting Happy Hour Friday once again. Please come join us, as all are welcome.

In light of this weeks tragedy in Haiti, I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate in this weeks Happy Hour. In the shadows of all that heart ache and sadness, things in my life seem pretty trivial. And it’s hard to feel happy when so many are hurting. But, then last night, I read a couple of blogs written by people living in Haiti. Wow.

Nothing like getting a perspective of people whom are right smack in the middle of all of it. People that are so close to it that they smell death all around them. Yet they are embracing life and those that are alive, hurting and in need.

Even though I am still crying today…

I am happy for people like this young woman, Rhyan, who is caring for orphan children as I write this. I am happy that she is there standing in the gap and doing what she feels called to do. You can read her blog Somewhere Between Who I Was And Who You’re Making Me for yourself and see what a beautiful soul she is.

I am happy that in the midst of such tragedy, and even though she feels such grief herself, Rhyan is loving and caring for these little one’s.

I am happy for people like Troy & Tara who have lived in Haiti for over 4 years and have given their lives to serving and making a difference over there. I am happy they were able to get their young children out of there and to the US safely, to stay with their oldest daughter and her husband, so that they will better be able to serve the people of Haiti. I am happy for these self sacrificing people.  You can read their amazing story here on their blog, The Livesay Haiti Weblog.

I am happy for the wisdom and information that both of these blogs share so that we can be informed as to what we can actually do to help.

I am happy that something as simple as contacting our government representatives and asking them to encourage the Haitian government to release all the children that have already been adopted by families outside of the country, could help.

I didn’t  realize that there are children in these orphanages that were adopted 2 years ago and still await to be released out of Haiti to their families here in the US.  Letting these children go would make room for the newly orphaned children. Sad but true. It would make me so happy if these children could be united with their families. It would make me happy if these newly orphaned children would go to loving homes.

It would make me even happier if every orphan on this earth would have a loving home to go to.

I am happy to hear of so many willing to go help, to reach out or to give financially. This grand show of caring always makes me happy.

I am happy for people like my daughter who has one of the biggest hearts ever and is going to use her artistic talents to give to the people of Haiti. She is doing Art for a Cause at her blog, Unexpected Surprises. Please take the time to read her tender heart. Thank you.

It makes me happy to be reminded that there are a lot of wonderful people on this earth. Humanity is not lost.

It makes me happy that we don’t have to be rich to give of ourselves. It makes me happy that every little bit that each one of us gives, makes a big difference.

I am happy that even though I am so far removed from Haiti, I can stand in the gap in prayer. I am happy that I have the freedom to share that I believe in the power of prayer.

Last but not least, I am happy that I can participate in Happy Hour even in this dark hour.

Today, hug your loved ones a little bit tighter, even if you’re only able to do this in your heart. 

Hold those little one’s in your arm’s and be grateful that your arms aren’t empty.

If you have people in your life that you love, tell them today.

Please take time to pause and be grateful for all that you have and share that gratefulness with at least one person today.

Thank you. Thank you Otin and RxBambi for giving me this opportunity to find happy even in the dark times such as these.

Here’s to Rhyan, Troy and Tara and the many other’s that are in Haiti. This Happy Hour post is dedicated to them.

Love & Hugs, Lori


Eternal Lizdom said...

A beautiful, beautiful, heartfelt, eloquent post. Thank you, especially, for the links.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so wonderful...I am happy about the little nuggets of hope we hear from Haiti.
I am happy I was able to send some money to the red is the only thing I can give right now. And prayers too...always prayers!!!
See you tomorrow. :)

Brian Miller said...

this afternoon i fnally heard from a friend who lives in Haiti and works with children. they are living in tents now, but survived. that made me happy.

TechnoBabe said...

You are so right. Those of us unable to personally participate in the rescue effort in Haiti have plenty of opportunities in our own neighborhoods to help others in need.
What a blessing that people actually in Haiti are able to contact outsiders on the internet.

otin said...

I am happy that you used your time to try to help people. That warrants being called Happy Hour in my book! Sometimes people can learn a lot just by reading someones post.

The Earthquake was very tragic and I agree with you about the adoption thing. It needs to be sped up!

wolfie185 said...

Wonderful post!!

Thanks for all your wondeful comments, support, prayers and love. I am listening to Neil Young Live Rust right now, God uses Neil to speak to me sometimes, the lyrics and music have a healing process.


My Aimless Infatuation said...

You are such a lovely Lady inside and out. God Bless You.

LPC said...

Lori, you are a truly inspiring person. As though you were a priestess in a former life. Thank you.

Snowbrush said...

You inspire me to remember the important things. Thank you.

Just Be Real said...

Thank you for deciding to participate in this post and sharing your "happys." Encouraging in such a time as this. Blessings.

mommytoalot said...

What a post! Wow...all that devastation in Haiti but those people that makes me happy that you brought this to our attention.

Kit Kat said...

You have such a big heart! And all that you have been through has given you the wisdom to find the happiness in the dark hours. Another amazing post!

Stepping said...

It's Saturday and I'm just now getting to read this so I hope that you had a great time. Thank you for sharing your heart and for reminding us that we have so much to be thankful for and that we should all reach out to those who are in such need. You are a precious woman with a heart as big as all outdoors.

Shrinky said...

Here's to all the angels and hero's who are prepared to step up and make a difference.

Anonymous said...

You are truly a beautiful person... so special! I left something for you on my blog, Sunday's post, when you have the opportunity to visit ;)

Kathryn Magendie said...

Stopped by to say hello and am happy, too

Nancy said...

You make me happy. What a sweet and grateful bloggig friend.