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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Boarding the potty train

This weekend we jumped aboard the potty train with little lady and little man. They are ready and I am more than ready to board this train. They are 3 and 2 years old, and even though they have acted like they could care less if they are wet or soiled, they have shown signs of being ready for some time now...and to be perfectly honest I have just been so damn lazy about this whole thing. This is our third try...hopefully our last try. The school I work at is closed this week so since I am off of work all week I thought this is an opportune time to do this.

I should be a pro at this after having done this many times before...with having already trained my 5 older children and countless daycare children I should really know what I am doing...honestly, I feel like I am doing this for the first time and don't know what in the hell I am doing on this train. Granted, it's been awhile since I've done this and I never thought I would be doing this again. I should be wearing a shirt that says "I did not sign up for this" since that has been one of my favorite things to say since I started having children.

I don't remember it being this hard nor this frustrating. With my little people we have used disposable diapers and seriously, they could really care less if they are wet or's like they don't feel it. I used cloth diapers with all my kids but with my last child, I used disposable diapers part of the time and he was my hardest one to I am starting to wonder if these disposable diapers have handicapped us in a way that they just don't feel uncomfortable enough to care?

We are trying our hardest to follow this 3 day potty training program...we have been preparing them for this...yesterday they were told that after today, there would be no more diapers, so first thing this morning, after taking their diapers off and putting on underwear and underpants, they each threw their remaining diapers in a garbage bag. We were suppose to throw this bag away but knowing I could not throw perfectly good diapers away, I told them that we are taking them to school and giving them to babies that need them.

Today was spent filling them up with liquids, talking about what we are doing, many trips to the potties, not letting them leave our sight so we can catch them going or showing signs of going, cleaning up messes, doing lots of activities in the rooms that don't have carpet. Little man actually did pretty good and he went to bed quite proud of himself...little lady,not so much. She is the one that has shown the most readiness, has actually used the potty a lot more in the past but today was just plain tough for her. She loves her little panties though and does not want to wear diapers anymore so that's good.

I am sure that these next few days will be filled up with much of what we did today. It was nice having my husband here doing this with me today but tomorrow and the next, I will be going it alone. Please, if you have any ideas that would help us survive this train ride...any tips that would prevent a train wreck, I would so appreciate it. All aboard the potty train! Choo choo!


mamajil said...

ugh! I truly hate potty training! My friends laugh when I say they can go from pampers to depend under garments family knows I mean it :)

Our little Ruby is up next for the whole potty training experience....she cries when I set her on the potty chair so I am thinking to give it some more time...10 years ought to do it (jk)

good luck this coming week!

Haley-O said...

Ohh! Good luck with it! We've had a HELL of a time potty training the monkey. She FINALLY pooped on the toilet this weekend. She's FINALLY getting it after months of frustration. It's such a power struggle. And, while disposable diapers are great, and everything? They're WAY too comfortable for kids.... My monkey could also care less if she's wet.... GOOD LUCK!!! And, remember, I feel your pain!!!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Oh, good luck! It will come :)

Bina said...

My second and third kids were SO easy! My last? The HARDEST! I tried everything. Different things work for different kids, but I finally bought her a potty that plays music when she goes, and I put a sticker board on the wall next to the toilet. When she went, she got to pick out a sticker and fill a block in on the wall. I swear it only took 2 or 3 days of her doing that she was potty trained!

Dorothy said...

Good luck and I'm sure you'll do just fine.

Dorothy from grammology

Heather said...

My friend Ginger over at Love My Dox ( just went through this potty boot camp with her son. She wrote a hilarious recap of her experience and it seemed to work out well for them. Good luck!