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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My little trick or treaters

Happy Halloween

to you and yours,

from my little monsters & I!



To say they love our pumpkin family is an understatement.


The little trouble makers cannot leave them alone.


Poor pumpkins.

On Friday, our downtown businesses opened up for trick or treating so the little’s got a chance to practice their trick or treating skills…meaning=remembering to say thank you.



My handsome King,                    &                       pretty little lady bug

IMG_4732 IMG_4769

& adorable pirate                                                 

IMG_4730  & cute baseball player(this is my son’s girlfriends son, who I hope is my grandson some day. :)



  They did a wonderful job of using their manners.

They are over the top excited for more candy fun.

Since we rarely buy candy, this is causing them to run in circles & jump on their beds in excitement.

Oh dear.

I am sure they will drive me crazy all day…

Asking, “Is it time to go?” or “Can I have just one piece of candy?”

These little trouble makers sure have a lot of fun making trouble and turning this house upside down.

They think they are so smart with all their little tricks.

They don’t realize that I was once a trouble maker just like them.

I remember when I was a little trouble maker just like them…trick or treating…we wouldn’t leave until it was good and dark…I remember having to do tricks for my candy…I remember how each house would have to guess who we were before they gave us our candy…back then they handed out regular sized candy bars and homemade treats like caramel apples and popcorn balls …we made our costumes instead of buying them at a store…we brought homemade treats our mom’s made to our school Halloween parties…we told ghost stories and had fun getting scared…we weren’t worried about predators or people poisoning our candy…we came home with full brown paper bags and dumped out our candy and stuffed ourselves with our favorite treats.

Those were the days.

Then, for a period of time, I believed Halloween was bad. Oh the shame of letting other tell you what to believe. Thankfully, I learned to think for myself and no longer think it’s bad. Even though I still respect those that do.

Thankfully, we live in a small community that allows us to keep some of those fun traditions from Halloweens past.

Hope you have a wonderful day even if you aren’t participating in Halloween festivities.

Happy Halloween!

Trick or treat!

Until next time, love & hugs, Lori




Jillsy said...

Yes, those were the days when kids (and parents) didn't have to worry about lunatics and just have pure innocent fun!

Hilary said...

Your Littles, as always are just adorable! Such cute costumes.

I wrote about days of Halloween passed as well today.

LPC said...

Oh Lori, they are so cute. I bet they are having the time of their life.

Brian Miller said...

haha. arent they amazing in their costumes...some scary pumpkins as well...smiles. have fun out there tonight.

Joyce A Gray said...

Love the costumes, hope they have a great time tonight and stay warm, it's kinda cold here.

Kathryn Magendie said...

How adorable! :-D

Pseudo said...

Fun times. Happy Halloween to you Lori and your adorable little ones.

Jeannie said...

Fabulous costumes! I was among many who thought halloween was bad when my kids were little but I never listened. What can be more fun than dressing up and total strangers opening their doors to give you candy?
I always had homemade costumes as a kid - and the homemade ones were better than store bought then. My mother actually came through when I was little - she sewed a lot for herself and made me a gorgeous sparkly royal blue fairy costume out of leftover fabric from an evening dress she made for herself. In grade 3 she made a Chinese robe out of a sparkly green evening dress from many years before. AFter that, I was on my own because she thought I was too old for trick or treating. I made my kids' costumes too. I don't think any were quite as magical as those sparkly ones my mom made and I know the store bought ones now can be very good so my kids weren't so impressed.

Natalie said...

Loving the pumpkin family and the Littles. Just think that one day that energy will be used for the good of the world. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

You have the cutest little monsters!!!!
I do hope the kids have big SAFE fun tonight...and I also hope they don't drive you crazy all day waiting for the fun to begin!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Looks like your kids love Halloween as much as I do! Hope they trick-or-treat bag are filled with goodies.
xo jj

Unknown Mami said...

Those are some beautiful kids! Hope they are having a fun and safe Halloween.

Stella said...

Adorable!! I love their costumes and how much fun they get out of the simple things such as tick or treating!

Buckeroomama said...

Your littles are adorable and it is so great that they get to grow up together and have all these memories to look back on. :)

Fragrant Liar said...

What great pictures those were, Lori. Such fun the kids have on Halloween. We only got a few trick-or-treaters last night, but enough to make me feel like I had a Halloween. Being so far from the nanababies on Halloween really sucks. :-(

The Incredible Woody said...

Their costumes were just adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

What adorable little monsters! We don't have sweets at home either, so I know just how excited little ones can get!

SciFi Dad said...

Looks like you all had a blast, even if it wasn't like it used to be.

Thanks for entering the contest.

Colleen said...

Oh Halloween is such a wonderful and fun holiday! I have so many good memories of it from when I was younger...we anticipated it all month!!!:)
Your pumpkins and little trick or treaters are about the sweetest I've seen Lori! If they came ot my house, I'd give them a ton of goodies to enjoy!:)
Looks like a fun day was had by all.:)

mommytoalot said...

Great pictures!
Looks like they are having a good time.
I do miss the good old days. I too remember popcorn balls and candy apples..home made costumes.

Anonymous said...

"Then, for a period of time, I believed Halloween was bad. Oh the shame of letting other tell you what to believe. Thankfully, I learned to think for myself and no longer think it’s bad. Even though I still respect those that do."

I knew I liked you! I've had that same experience.