In our family...

In our family....we do second chances...we do grace...we do real...we do mistakes...we do I'm sorry (and I forgive you)...we do loud really well...we do hugs...we do family...we do love.

Friday, December 4, 2009

It’s Time For Happy Hour

It’s time for…


Created by Wizard of Otin & RxBambi.

Which means, it’s time for me to list what

I am happy_face_ about…

I am happy that I survived this tough week.

I am happy that I don’t have to see or talk to nasty work comp lawyers very often.

I am happy for hot black coffee in the mornings.

I am happy that I didn’t freak out this morning when I discovered the big fat mess the little’s had made, while I was in the shower.

I am happy that my son was willing to still come here and babysit all day today so that I could go to work. I am happy that my house was still in tact  and all 3 were still smiling, when I got home. I am happy that since he is laid off in the winters and could have been out hunting, that he took the time to help us out. I am even more happy for the great person my son is.

I am happy that when we have our family Christmas party with my side of the family tomorrow, that we don’t exchange any gifts and just have a fun time of eating and playing games.

I am happy that I have great sisters. I am happy that one of them has a birthday today and that we can celebrate her life and all that she brings to this world. I am happy that she plays Grandma to our little people.

I am happy that I stomached and actually enjoyed watching Christmas shows with the little’s every single night this week. Hell, what’s there not to like about Rudolph and The Grinch? I am happy for the break from Stuart Little.

I am happy that the “naughties”, that have been visiting our house or I should say moved into our house the past few weeks, are starting to realize they are not welcome in our house and taking their leave…and are just back to visiting once in a while, like they did this morning.

I am happy that we are putting our tree up on Sunday. Which means the little’s will stop asking to do this and be extremely happy! Which also means my house will get cleaned(because I refuse put up the tree and decorate until the house is cleaned well) and that will make me VERY happy.

I am happy that in one month Christmas will be over and one month closer to spring.

I am happy for the sweet smiles that greet me every single morning. I am happy for the conversations I have with the little’s, that make me smile and remember the wonder of a child’s mind.

I am happy that in doing this post, I realize how much I am happy about.

I am happy it’s Friday! Are you?


Happy Friday. Happy Weekend.

Love & Hugs, Lori




Buckeroomama said...

I love reading your happy list. Makes me happy as well. :) A lot of times, how life "is" depends on how we look at it. I really believe that it's a matter of perspective. :)

Have a wonderful weekend, Lori.

otin said...

Black coffee? I never understand how people can drink black coffee? LOL

Not having to talk to lawyers all that much is a good thing.

Sounds like you have the perfect Christmas party. Food and family and no gifts!!!

Happy Friday!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Your Happy List made me smile! How cool that your son could be hunting but he's helping out instead. You done good, mom! :)

Barb said...

I love black coffee too. I also love it brown (milk and sweetener). I guess that makes me easy when it comes to coffee! Great happy list. I loved reading about the kids.

Jan said...

"I am happy that in one month Christmas will be over and one month closer to spring." Oh, AMEN!

I am most definitely happy it is Friday!

Jeannie said...

I'm happy it's Friday!
There are lots of things I'm happy about - too many to list.

Kate Hanley said...

Just popped over from Otin's blog since I love reading his Happy Hour post. Your life sounds ridiculously busy and yet you find time to see the good in it. Pretty awesome, it was a great read. I'll be back.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh yes! I am SO so SO happy it is Friday! We have a big weekend planned with tons of festivities. We need to get a tree too. I don't know what I am waiting for...

Busy Bee Suz said...

this is a great list...much to be happy about Lori.
Hugs, Suz

Bogey said...

I love that it is Friday too! More importantly, I'm looking forward to Saturday morning coffee when I don't have to make a mad dash for the door as I did this morning. I'm going to be happy when I pack some stuff up and ship it out this week end and I am especially happy that you are happy. 'nuff said! Cheers!

Lisa E said...

I am with you on the coffee Lori!! It is a must, and I am thankful for it.
I too love this happy hour Friday. it is really good to sit and think of things we are thankful for, even if only on Fridays. It makes me realize that life is good.

Peace out.

Lisa E.

Brian Miller said...

great happy hour! i am so happy for coffee too! and so nice of your son! have a great time with the fam tonight!

Anonymous said...

Love the words of optimism and joy!!! Have a wonderful weekend dear friend :)

Midnitefyrfly said...

I am happy that you you have such a long happy list. I just bet all the wonderful people in your life feel really good to see you happy! Have a great weekend!

Jill said...

Thank you for following my blog! Your "little's" are adorable! And I love that you call them "little's"... keep smiling

midlife slices said...

I'm happy that you find so much to be happy about. You really are a wonderful person. HUGS

Raven said...

You have a lot to be happy about. :-) Your happiness is contagious.

I'm with Otin, I can't drink black coffee either.

Like you I will not put up the tree until the house is clean. At the rate my Drunken Midgets are going it's not going to get put up at all!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


wolfie185 said...

Hi Lori,
Thanks for your comments on my blog it was really nice to read them! I read your post about Christmas and really enjoyed it, your line "Jesus would be sad" really sums our mutual feelings up. Compassion is something my teachers the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh emphasis a lot, it is something I strive to practice in my daily life as part of my spiritual path.

I read some of your other post and they are great. As a proud grandpa I totally connect with the joy you receive from the little one's. My daughter and granddaugher live about 2 hours away and due to cash flow on both our parts I only see them about every 6 weeks but the time we spend together is quality time. My granddaughter is 17 months old, her mom and her lived with me for most of her first year so she is really a grandpa's girl, my ex died in 2000 so she doesn't have a grandma, her relationship with her dad and his family is sporatic. My daughter is only 18 and has another baby due in April but for the most part she is learning to manage her life fairly well at a young age. It is hard sometimes not being close to them but it is much healthier for all of us, I don't enable her much and she has to learn life on her own without dad always coming to the rescue. I am going to visit them this week and really looking forward to it, take my baby girl out to see the lights and sights.

I work in a treatment center for alcoholics and addicts. I had a spiritual awakening last spring and realized that after almost 30 years in mechanical and manufacturing related careers that God was asking me to use my gifts to serve others and get away from the stress of profits and production goals. Even though may cash flow has been the tightest is has ever been I am also the most serene and content I have ever been in my life. God has blessed me and I am extremely grateful!

Now you know a bit about me. I am glad I found your blog. I love reading positive post.

I hope your weekend was joyous.

Nancy said...

I am so happy that you realize how much you have to be happy about! :-)

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Hilary said...

Sounds like a lot of good reasons to be happy. Can't ask for too much more than that. :)

mommytoalot said...

I really enjoy reading your happy list. (so did Abby she is on my lap) she loved the happy faces.
What a super list. I love the way you write.
Glad your son did well babysitting and super glad the naughties are leaving your house..(can you tell them to leave her too please)

Debbie said...

This post made me happy. I have a lot to be happy about too but I can't help but wish I had more time in December to get it all done!

Anonymous said...

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kanishk said...

I never understand how people can drink black coffee?

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about the pain you live with day and out. Truly, sorry! Yet, you make this beautiful Happy list and shine!