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Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to find my happy once again.


Happy Hour Friday was created by Otin & RxBambi. Go check them out. Better yet, check them out and join in the fun.

Yesterday, was Santa day at our house, so to make it extra special we started out our day with a special candlelit breakfast.

We prayed for little boys and girls that need food, clothes, toys and shelter but most of all love. There is a beauty in listening to an innocent child speaking in such a simplistic way to God.

This makes me happy.


We made toasts. Such fun happy toasts.


Hearing the little’s saying thoughtful, kind, thankful, and happy thoughts about others makes me happy.

My favorite toast by each of them…

Little Man: “Here’s to Santa Claus for helping Jesus celebrate his birthday by bringing people presents. Here’s to Jesus for letting us celebrate his birthday every year!”


I’ll drink to that! Here, Here.

Hearing him made my heart happy. 


Drinking out of nice glasses made them very happy.  Lighting candles was almost over the top for them.Their excitement made me very happy.


I asked my grandson if he wanted to do a toast and he said “This is my Grandma and I love her.” And then, “I want to sing you a song Grandma.” And he sang John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt for us. Over and over again.

When ever I hear him say Grandma, it makes my heart burst with happiness. He has one of the sweetest personalities and when he grabs my face, smiles his killer smile and kisses me, I couldn’t  be happier. Hearing him sing always makes me happy.


 Little Lady: “Here’s to our beautiful Christmas tree. Here’s to the pretty candles. Here’s to our beautiful glasses. And here’s to getting to wear a pretty dress today.”

Little lady is a lover of all things pretty and beautiful. She was ecstatic about, (in her words) our fancy breakfast and about seeing Santa. Seeing her so ecstatic makes me happy.   


After our fine breakfast of waffles with peanut butter on them(this is their favorite) and blackberries, they took a bubble bath while I cleaned up.

Cleaning up all the water that comes out of the bathtub doesn’t necessarily make me happy but hearing them having so much fun, does.

I had planned on getting us out of the house much earlier. Who was I kidding? Two hours after our planned time of departure we left. I think I used to be better at this but age is slowing me down. Getting out of the house late did not make me happy. Listening to the fighting while I was trying to actually be presentable for going out of the door, did NOT make me happy. But, us actually getting out the door did make me happy.

The 40 minute drive, with 3 little ones arguing did not make me happy. Singing Christmas song after Christmas song, didn’t really either but I covered that up quite well. Putting on the brakes and saying that we were going to turn around and go back home if we did not stop whining, did make them stop. The thought, “Am I flippin nuts for doing this all by myself or what?” kept going through my mind so I would have turned around. Getting to a crowded mall parking lot and actually finding a close parking space right away did make me happy.

Walking through the mall, seeing lots of unhappy hurried shoppers does not make me happy. Realizing this will be short lived and that I am not one of them does make me happy.

Only having to wait about 10 minutes in the Santa line made me happy. We chose to drive to this mall, which is further, because they have a Mrs. Santa also. I figured with having 3 of them in a picture it would go better with an extra set of hands. She was out sick. Crap. They each took their pictures by themselves and did quite well. Then we did a group picture and it didn’t take long to get one. It isn’t perfect but they are all looking.

pictures with Santa 003 

And that makes me happy!

All little man asked for was a stuffed snowman like his sisters. Are you kidding me? Little lady asked for another doll house that actually talks. I do not think so. My grandson asked for a talking phone, a sheep and monopoly. You should have seen Santa’s face when he asked for monopoly. That made everyone laugh.

After that I took them to a restaurant in the mall to eat lunch. They behaved wonderfully. Like almost perfectly. We don’t go out to eat very often so this was a treat. It didn’t cost an arm and a leg because we shared. Not spending a lot of money makes me a very happy camper.

After walking around for a short time and playing in the kids play area for 30 minutes they left without much of a fuss. They all fell asleep by the time we were out of town. How could that not make me happy?

We got home and had to go to the post office right away because Santa had sent us a package!


Of course that made all of us happy! I will share pictures later of what Santa sent us. 

After sharing in the delight of Santa’s gifts, we had some fun listening to music and dancing. Music and dancing almost always makes me happy.


…and we put on our Santa hats and just got silly with the camera. He makes me happy.


The boys pretending to be Santa…


Silly boys make me happy.

One of these silly boys got a hold of my camera and took more pictures while he was dancing.


One week from tonight, it will be all over with. And that will make me happy! (sorry if that offends anyone :)

I had hoped to have this post done last night but was just too exhausted. I am happy that even though it’s late, it’s still Friday and I am able to post this for Happy Hour.

Happy Friday y’all and Happy weekend!



Hugs & Love, Lori


Brittany said...

Happy Friday!

Thank you for doing all this with Aidyn. It means the world to me!

I love you mom!


Anonymous said...

Loved Loved Loved This! They will always remember this. Always! And that should make you happy!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the joys and frustrations of tending to "little ones", you state it all so well. How precious they all are! These memories will be lifelong treasures for them. God bless! Have a great weekend yourself, Lori :)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Oh there's nothing I love better than children clinking cheers. Great happys Lori!

Natalie said...

i just love those Littles. they make me happy. :D xx♥

Lisa E said...

What awesome pictures and awesome children. You are blessed. Way to go Grandma!

morethananelectrician said...

Even "Drinking out of special glasses" can be an event...we did that for our celebration to Thomas Edison after the power was restored after the storm a few week ago...the kids loved it!!!!

Bogey said...

What a marvelous treat to see all the littlies acting like Ladies and Gentlemen and toasting in the Festive Spirit. I am happy that they were being so cooperative while you had to drive around. And also for their smiling faces while visiting with Santa. You are a great Grandma to this little troupe and the smiles on their faces tells me so. What a great post. It may have been meant for Friday but it is making my Saturday morning. Cheers!

The Incredible Woody said...

I drink my OJ in a fancy glass every morning. It makes me smile!

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so sweet. I know the kids will remember their special breakfast with you.
I would have thought that having a mimosa with breakfast would have calmed them down a bit. No? Oh, just OJ??
Love all the pictures...even the 'dancing' Christmas tree!!!

Madison said...

You're building some awesome memories!

Goose said...

I loved that christmas tree picture! The blackberries looked awesome, and the kids are adorable! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks a lot for stopping by. You have such a beautiful blog! :)

Bella said...

sweet! breakfast with orange juice in wine glasses! *toast* with my special Rudolph orange blend~ha!

Hilary said...

Seeing those beautiful, smiling faces makes ME happy. Thanks for that. :)

Anonymous said...

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Angela said...

Dear Lori,
I found your comments on Natsy`s and on Lori(times five)`s blog, and became curious. What a lovely blog you have! So many children you care for, and so much love shared! Wonderful.
On Lori`s blog you said, you would like to be involved in something like what she is doing. The great thing for her was of course that she has SEEN and hugged each of those orphan children in Botswana.
I know that you have really enough babies to care for, but if you want to know about something that Lori, Val, Tessa, me and a few others are doing for a school in Mozambique, please read Val`s last blog post. Monkeys on the Roof (you find it on Lori`s or my side bar). Or, just in case this interests you, I could write you more.
But then again, I know you really have enough to do, and I admire you for that! Cheers from Angela in Germany

Val said...

what a gorgeous post - your grand children are so beautiful and i can quite see how they can keep you busy :-) christmas joy and spreading the love - its magical; we should try to do it all year. my inner child loves christmas for all this. Thank you for your visit to my blog and for your interest in the little school in mozambique. i look forward to chatting more by email.
wishing you and your family a truly happy festive christmas to remember forever - for all the good reasons!!

Buckeroomama said...

It's amazing how little it takes to make the little ones happy.

I love reading about the stuff that you do together... always brings a smile to my face. Without fail.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love everything about this post. So wonderful : ) What a special day! Their toasts were the sweetest things ever. And the picture was SO sweet! Perfect!

Brian Miller said...

happy...yeah its sunday but we can still be happy right? lol. quit a bit behind due to snow...but getting to see those pics...too adorable...and the toasts...sweet!

Fragrant Liar said...

I love that the kids all made toasts. They got nice and creative and that's a great way to teach them how to be grateful. I will steal this idea for my own nanababies.

Good job, Grandma!

mommytoalot said...

All of that , your family, you , those smiling faces, those boys pretending to be Santa..all make me happy.
You are totally so awesome.
the best line...singing Christmas songs over and over did not, but I covered that up well. so true..
What we moms do.
hugs to you and yours Lori