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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa…I know I am writing this kind of late but I figure that you’ve probably been busy reading everyone else’s letters any ways and what better time then on the eve of the birth of Jesus?

I’ve tried really really hard to be a good girl this year but of course there is always room for improvement. Presently, I am on the naughty list, (according to little man)but being the mean mom that am known to be, I am sure that you will understand some of these offenses that I am known to commit…such as saying the word “No.”  I hope that you are able to grant these long list of wishes anyways, as that would make this the best Christmas ever.

It’s gotten pretty cold here in Minnesota and else where around the globe and we have been hit with snow as of late. Do you think you could bring some winter coats and boots and warm hats and mittens to the homeless people?

Also, if you could give them a warm place to lay their heads tonight, that would be great.

To the people with hungry bellies or no food to feed their children today, could you please give them a hot meal and some food in their cupboards?

Too those without a job because they have been laid off or for other reasons, please provide a job for them.

To those that have lost their homes due to a fire or foreclosure or whatever reason, please provide them a place to call home.

To the orphan children please bring them a Mommy & Daddy to love them. But, in the mean time could you put someone in their path to properly care for and love them?

There are some Mom’s & Dad’s that are without their son’s or daughter’s, because they are off fighting in the wars. Could you please give them some peace and comfort and work it out for them to talk to their child?

To those in other countries, fighting a war, could you please wrap your arms around them? Could you please keep them safe or better yet, bring them home?

To the Mom’s & Dad’s that have lost a child, could you please bring them a truck load of comfort as they grieve and miss their child even more during the holidays? To those that have lost a parent, sibling or friend or anyone for that matter, please bring them comfort.

To the person sitting in prison, lonely and broken, could you please bring them a visitor? Could you bring a bucket of love and comfort to them? Especially for the one’s imprisoned for something they didn’t do. To their families, could you please provide for them and help them not feel so alone?

To those that are suffering from an illness that leaves them homebound, could you bring them the comfort of a loving visitor? To those suffering in pain bring them some relief?

To those that are lonely, sad or depressed, could you bring them some peace of mind. Could you bring them some hugs and a hope for a better future?

To those that are separated from loved ones for one reason or another, could you fill up their hearts and bring them comfort and fellowship?

To those that are separated from loved ones due to divorce, a bitter grudge or family feud could you bring them the ability to forgive, and let go of what is in the past and help them move towards healing and repairing the hurts?

To those that have no money for giving gifts to their children, please provide gifts for their children and even them. Please bring gifts to the children that don’t have.

To the persons having to work even though it’s the holidays could you bring them much joy and peace as they work? To those that are working in retail at this very moment that people are doing last minute shopping, could you please bring kind respectful people that act in the true spirit of Christmas to their check out’s?

To those traveling through snow, freezing rain or even perfect weather conditions, give them safe travels and for those with young children, put those children to sleep so that the parents can drive in peace.

I know this is a long list and quite honestly Santa, I could have added a lot more but I will stop with one last request.

As your flying here and there and everywhere tonight, could you please take a moment and plant a kiss on my daughters head in Idaho? And on my Grandson in Nebraska? And my son, my 2 daughters, my son-in-law and granddaughter in Florida? Could you please take a moment and sprinkle some Christmas magic and  love from me on their great big beautiful hearts and homes?

Thank you Santa. I know this is a tall order to fill. I know you will do your very best! I believe. I believe. I believe!

Hugs & Love, Lori

PS And Santa if you could totally heal  my beautiful friend, that I care for each day, that would make my Christmas the bestest ever!

PSS Little man just told me that I am not on the naughty list anymore so we should be good to go. Right?

PSSS One last thing…could you make the little’s behave perfect for their uncle while I go off to work today?


Brian Miller said...


i hope you get all that you ask for...smiles.

have a very merry christmas!

My Aimless Infatuation said...

Brian said it first,AMEN.

Bogey said...

Lori, I truly hope, with all of my heart, that Santa was there to receive your last minute letter. A letter like this cannot just sit in the bin until next year. And, people everywhere need to read it and find something, anything, in there that they are willing to sacrifice in order to make that wish list come true. Miracles are never beyond the grasp of reality if only we continue to believe......if only! Lori, to be honest, at this time of year, it is not that hard to make me cry but, with this post, you made it happen oh so very easy.

No matter what happens in the future my friend, I will be eternally grateful for not just your friendship but for keeping fresh in my mind, things that should be more important than any perfectly wrapped gift. Sniff!!! Merry, Merry Christmas Lori, to all those that can be with you in the flesh and to those that can only be with you in Spirit.

Love and hugs
your friend,

The Incredible Woody said...

Much love to you!! Merry Christmas!!

gram said...

Dear Santa, could you Bless my friend Lori for all the love she holds for the world of the people that need the love in their life to keep them going, I believe she has the ability to become close to some of these people we are unable to touch or are unable to help because they can not trust us as they do her. give her the ability to help these people this year that may need the help elseware
sincerly, dustin

gram said...

oops, i meant , sincerely, cheryl not dustin, i was just thinking of him and typed his name in and hit the button and walah.
it's been a long niche. merry christmas lori! think of you often...Have a happy holiday!!!

Hilary said...

Beautiful, beautiful letter, Lori. I'm not surprised.. look who wrote it. I hope all your Christmas wishes come true. Have a great one. :)

otin said...

What a great list for Santa! I hope that he can bring all of those things! Merry Christmas to you and all of yours!

Buckeroomama said...

Every time I visit, I come away touched by your kind thoughts and big heart. You are truly a gem, Lori.

May you get all you ask for... what's currently on the list and what you might add to it as you go along.

Anonymous said...

Tears! Yes, your list brought laughter and tears today. I can't think of one thing to add to your list. You have such a heart of love and hope for others. I will ask that God bless you with peace, joy and blessing to numerous to count. Thank you for being the awesome woman and friend that you are to me.

Bella said...

hope you had a joyous Christmas!

Jason said...

You have a great blog here. It's a very interesting read. I have a blog myself which provides inspiration and guidance to people all around the world. Life is hard enough, and I'm hoping for my blog to be a place where people can go to hear the words the words they need to hear in order to brighten up their day.

I'd like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around. Please let me know if this is possible.


mommytoalot said...

Now that is one of the best letters by far that I have ever read for Santa...*i used to read and answer letters for Santa*
Lori, I sure hope if not all some of those things happened.
God bless

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. You are the nicest person in the whole world. I love your letter. I hope every wish came true! There are so many people hurting. You always remember them. I love that about you.

Natalie said...

Love you, Lori. xx♥

Ji said...

The secret of your happy life is that you have stayed young, innocent, and playful....

see how you write a letter to Santa reminds me of your life style...

keep charming..