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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Things Kids Say…

I really am blessed with having the little’s in my life. They say so many sweet & funny and sometimes shocking things. Like repeating things or words they have heard people say. I love hearing or reading about the things kids say, even if I don’t know the kid. Most of the time I don’t take the time to write them down. In my efforts to record some of them, here are some of their latest…

Recently, little lady was so over tired after our long day(with no nap) that I had my husband put her in her bed early. She was quite loud in her dislike of going to bed so I hollered "I am counting to 3 and if I still hear a little girl, I am coming in there!" Very matter of factly, little man says to me, "Mommy, don't you ever count to 4?" 

The day after my son and granddaughter had left to go back to Florida, little man asked me, "How long will it hurt right here?" as he points to his heart. I asked him when it started hurting and he said, "When uncle J and R girl left." And then he burst into tears and said, "I don't like when people leave us. I'm so sad." Needless to say, we had a cry fest early that morning.

The next day little man told me over breakfast that I will never have to cry or be sad over him leaving because he is NEVER EVER leaving me.  Maybe I should record him saying this and play it for him when he is 16?

A couple of weeks ago we were all sitting outside around the fire when our young neighbors began to let off firecrackers continuously for about 30-40 seconds. As soon as it went silent, little lady screamed “That was fricking awesome!”


A couple of weeks ago, little man asked me how our friends mom was doing since she is in the hospital. I told him, "Not good." He asked, "Isn't God hearing our prayers?" I said" I'm sure God is hearing us." He answered with, "Well maybe God's not hearing cause I'm not talking loud enough." I assured him that he was talking loud enough but he insisted on praying very loud for this woman. All week he and his sister continued to pray loudly whenever they prayed. A week or so later he asked "How is her mom doing?" I told him she is much better. With a big smile he said, "See, I prayed louder and God finally heard me!" My sweet loud prayer warrior! Needless to say, they are both continuing to raise their voices whenever they pray.

One day last week, I woke early to the beautiful sound of thunder and got to watch a pretty light show outside all by myself. What a gift these rare moments are before the chaos begins. It's not long before little man is up, soaking me in kisses, saying how much he loves me. Soon to be followed by little lady doing the same. Such sweetness until ...there is a fight over who loves me more and someone is crying. Thus begins the chaos that reminds me that peace & quiet are not over rated.

Recently one evening during cuddle time, out of the blue little lady screams excitedly, "Daddy I think your growing some hair!"  This coming from a little girl that didn’t start growing hair until this past year.

Little man and I have talked all summer about wanting to go to a Minnesota Twins baseball game but tickets being hard to get and expensive I’ve told him that it’s doubtful that we will get to go this season. Last week he really touched my heart when he said to me, "When I get big, I'm coming and picking you up in my big truck and taking you to a Twins game!" A few seconds later he said, "And I will even buy you a beer!"

This past Sunday morning, little man was upset with me for not letting him attend a bridal shower with little lady and I at our friends house. I said "it's just for girls." He says, "But boys can take showers" I had to explain that it's not that kind of shower. He must not have believed me because as soon as we returned that evening, he asked little lady if we took showers at our friends house. To which little lady said "...Nope, it was just big girls & ladies eating, talking, laughing and acting silly. Isn’t that the truth!

Today is little lady’s 4th birthday. Is it because she is 4 that she woke up more obstinate then normal? She woke me up this morning, bright and early by squeezing my face and saying “How can you sleep when it’s my birthday? When I did get up, she informed me that none of her presents(they were on the table)looked like a fishing pole. This is the only thing she said she wanted for her birthday. She rambled on & on to me about how much she wanted her very own fishing pole and how she could catch me fish to cook for fish taco’s if she had her own fishing pole.

I just kept smiling because I already know she is getting her very own fishing pole from my sister and her husband(the ones that are like grandpa & grandma to them), who are coming as a surprise tomorrow, along with my other sister(who’s like another grandma)and both great grandma’s!

She ended up being quite pleased with what we gave her and politely told me, “I’m not really sad anymore that I didn’t get a fishing pole. Just a little sad.” Good lord.

Since it is her birthday she got to come to work with me today. She was quite happy about this since she loves the lady I care for. I think the feelings are mutual. What a blessing to be able to have her with me but I will not lie that she tested me a time or two or ten along the way.

Once again I was counting to 3 when she asked me, “Now that I’m 4 are you going to be counting to 4?”

Yes, she keeps me on my toes.

Later when we were back home this evening, I was frosting the small cake I had stayed up late last night making from scratch and she say’s to me, “I wanted a cake from the store, not one you made.” Good lord.

I don’t know if it was daddy talking to her or what but we sang “Happy Birthday” and she ate her cake happily and I didn’t hear another word about it.

And she even told me “it is delicious!”

Even though today is officially her birthday, I am making her a pig cake for tomorrow(Thursday) when our secret surprise guests are coming to celebrate her golden birthday. She is nuts about pigs. So much so that she is praying daily for her own live pet pig.

God help me.

I must stay on my tippy toes. Must.

Happy golden birthday to my sweet, obstinate, strong willed, girlie girl tomboy. You may drive me nuts but I’m still crazy about you! XX

Hope you and yours are happy & healthy. Until next time, love & hugs. Lori



SciFi Dad said...

Happy Birthday to your little lady, and I have to say your little man sounds like the sweetest kid ever.

Natalie said...

I loved your post, Lori. I can relate.....right down to the fact that Noah is FOUR today!
I am also on my tippie toes, maybe you can see me all the way over here? I am the Mum with the screwed up face from laughing and crying. :)

Brian Miller said...

haha. i lov do say the most amazing things...praying louder, smiles...hope you get to enjoy that twins game someday...full of smiles today from your post. hope you have a great day and a happy birthday to her...

The Incredible Woody said...

Happy Birthday, Little Lady!!

Buckeroomama said...

Oh, Lori --what a wonderful read I just had! Your little ones are so sweet and spunky --the perfect combination. :)

Happy birthday to your little lady!

mommytoalot said...

love this post..
I love what little kids have to say..
Really really love that they are LOUD prayer warriors
..I got lots of giggles and a good case of the feel goods after reading your post.

Joanna Jenkins said...

“Now that I’m 4 are you going to be counting to 4?”

I love the way kids minds work. That's the best line I've heard in a long time.

Happy birthday to your sweet 4 year old!
Cheers, jj

TechnoBabe said...

Aren't you glad you put the words down to save for later? Kids say the most awesome things, make a mom's heart melt.

Bella said...

grandbabies are the best! this post was very sweet. hope she's enjoying her new fishing pole.