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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Who I was then & Who I am now

I went to my 30 year class reunion last night. I really hadn’t planned on going. To be totally honest, it was partly due to the fact that I have put on all this weight this past year. I also knew that many of the people I would want to see wouldn’t be there because they either didn’t make it to graduation or their diploma's weren’t signed. The fact that my diploma was signed didn’t really mean that I had earned it. Back then the teachers got away with passing kids like me through, just to be rid of us. Considering how I was back then it was completely understandable.

When I went to my reunion 10 years ago, many people made comments like “I can’t believe you are still alive.”  I know that I am completely different from who I was back then but who I was back then, is how they remember me. It’s embarrassing to be remembered in this way so I was hesitant to go back to that.

Anyways, a couple of my best friends from childhood started sending me messages through face book about going so at the last minute we decided to meet up.

I am really thankful that I did. Reconnecting with the couple of friends was very nice. I had figured right, many who I would like to have seen, didn’t come.

Yes, I was reminded of the crazy and stupid things I did back then. Yes it’s embarrassing but it also makes me really grateful that I changed before it was too late. It also made me very thankful for the life I have now and that they could see the positive changes in me.

I found that some people had not changed at all, except for looking older. For some that is a good thing and sadly for others it’s not.

I wasn’t the only one that had put on weight. I was actually told by many that I look great so that was kind of nice to hear. :)

I won the prizes for having the most children and grandchildren, which was pretty ironic to everyone because I was the one that always said I was never having kids. It was fun getting to talk about my husband, children and grandchildren with pride. Once again I was reminded of how blessed I am and how thankful I am for the ones that call me Mom, Mommy and grandma.

Sadly, I heard about friends that never grew out of the drug scene and have totally messed up lives because of it. I heard of those that have died and how sad that I never knew of their passing's.

Going to my reunion was like taking a walk back to my past. I was reminded of the road I once walked and would rather these things be forgotten. Yet I am thankful that because of grace I am not stuck back there and don’t have to hide in shame.

Going to my reunion has given me a renewed sense of gratefulness for who I am now and the life I live.

I really hope to stay connected with the couple of good friends that I reconnected with last night. Thirty years ago I lived a life of recklessness and I am remembered for it. I hope in the years to come, I can be remembered for who I am now.

Do you attend your class reunions? Do you keep contact with the people of your past? Are you a lot different from who you were then?

Until next time, love & hugs, Lori


Brian Miller said...

i have never been to a reunion...sad to say...glad though that is gave you that gratefulness...smiles.

Jeannie said...

I don't go to reunions. High school wasn't a happy time for me. Besides issues I had, I moved to a very unwelcoming school in grade 10. I made only one friend the rest of high school and she turned on me when I met my husband. What's to go back for?

I am not the same person I was then but they would never know that.

I'm glad you had a positive experience at yours. Many people do.

TechnoBabe said...

I don't attend class reunions because I went to so many different schools I did not get to know many people before moving on. I was at four different high schools in far distances from each other. The one I finally graduated from I was only at for three months. It is clear that your going to your reunion made a good impression on your former classmates about who you are now. So glad you went and that it turned out to be a good experience for you.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Congrats on getting those 'special' should also get one for turning your life around.
I went to my 10year reunion, but none after that. Most of the people I was friends with in school, I am still friends with. But those that attend the reunion, were not in my circle. So, I don't really miss it. I am glad that you went and had a great time.
BTW: you are still an amazing and beautiful woman, enjoy yourself as much as you can!

Natalie said...

I went to my school reuinion with my bestie, who has been my bestie since kindergarten. We had a blast!

Buckeroomama said...

I haven't attended any class reunion... but then I'm overseas. :) I still keep in touch with some friends from high school (who're also friends from grade school!) --mainly through FB.

The Incredible Woody said...

I have never been to a class reunion for pretty much the same reasons as you. The weight gain, not wanting to think about the person that I was back then,...

But since joining Facebook, I have found out the most wonderful thing. A great many classmates don't give a crap about who I was, they want to know who I am now!

She Writes said...

I have never been. i don't think I ever will. It is always nice to hear of those who are glad they went. I am happy to hear of yours!

SciFi Dad said...

My reunions aren't class-based, but school based (they do anniversaries of the school's opening), so I've never felt compelled to go.

Plus, honestly? I have little interest in revisiting that era of my life. I like where I am now much more.

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I've never been to a reunion. I now have one or two high school friends on FB. This year would be my 35th reunion...yikes.

I wasn't a horrible person back then, but wasn't much of a socializer. I don't think I've changed all that much - but I find I reveal more on my blog than I ever would in real life...weird.

MGM said...

My 20th was last Saturday night, apparently the same night as your 30th. Didn't go for a variety of reasons. Mainly because I had no interest in reliving any of it, and because the same crowd who was always "in charge" were in charge of this thing, too. They originally wanted to plan a bonfire and some kegs. Classy, eh? That was my first clue that not enough had changed despite how much I've changed.

Nonetheless, I have enjoyed reconnecting with a few friends from high school. Most of us did not go to the reunion for the same reasons. I have enjoyed some "smaller" reunions with friends I care to reunite with.