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In our family....we do second chances...we do grace...we do real...we do mistakes...we do I'm sorry (and I forgive you)...we do loud really well...we do hugs...we do family...we do love.

Monday, December 20, 2010


I am in need of your help. Seriously.

As if we didn’t already have enough snow already, the snow gods decided we needed a bit more. It started snowing this morning and hasn’t stopped. In fact, as each hour passes, it has snowed harder. My poor husband has been stuck out in the middle of the country but thankfully a farmer pulled him out. Oh the joys of living here in the middle of a winter wonderland.

Our trip to Santa had to be canceled yet again. We were suppose to go this past weekend but I ended up being laid up all weekend due to pain. So today was suppose to be the day. The little’s are beyond disappointed although they love the snow. Since it is likely that we will not get another chance to make our visit to Santa, he will be calling tonight. I can hardly wait.

Between Christmas, lack of adult conversation, worries and the cold & snow, I am grasping at keeping my sense of humor. A friend shared this video with me and while you most likely won’t find it as humorous as we do, it gave me a big smile. This just might be the next song I teach the little’s.


We have more snow predicted for this week. Could we be snowed in like we were last Christmas?

It’s not like I hate the snow. For the most part I enjoy it and can appreciate a good blizzard that keeps us snowed in, it’s just that we have had a little bit too much togetherness.

At least tonight I will get to watch my football team play football out in the snow. Even if we lose, at least there’s football.


Since I am in need of some help at keeping my joy, finding things to laugh at and keeping what sanity I have left, could you do me a favor and leave me a comment telling me something funny…be it a joke or a story…or a link to something that is funny…or share something that is going on in your life that has brought you a laugh or smile…or share with me that I am not the only one experiencing my last straw…or share some of your sanity with me…or have you experienced a really cool heart warming experience? I would love to hear about it…pretty please…I would really appreciate it.

Until next time, hugs & love, Lori



SciFi Dad said...

I just spent three days with my family. My last straw was gone two days ago.

Rita said...

We had to combine our kids and grandkids Christmas this year with my husband's parents, siblings and nieces and nephews because the "kids" started another drama late last week, which happens every Christmas. In order to not be uncomfortable again, we combined our precious time with our grandkids with about 20 other people.

It actually turned out quite fun. We were not forced into awkward discussions with the kids, worrying that we might stumble on to anther imaginary insult or another outright lie that would keep us from seeing our grandkids for months again.

So, we let them open a couple gifts before the big family gang arrived. Our 4 year old granddaughter grabbed another gift, which was the Ipod Shuffle, so I told her to wait on that one.

During the party, which first began with eating, I hear some loud laughter coming from the room where the gifts were. Then I hear our granddaughter say (while her 8 year old brother laughing his head off, egging her on) scream, "AN IPOD SHUFFLE."

Yep, sure enough she had unwrapped the "bigger" gift. We were all cracking up laughing at their antics. When she brought the gift into the great room, I think her mother thought I let her open it. She asked her, "Did you ask first if you could open that gift?" She sweetly looks up at Papaw, exposed gift in hand and says, "Can I?" Bob laughed, as did everyone else and said, "It's a little late now, don't you think?"

Another joyous moment came when I was joking with our 8 year old strong grandson in the other room. We were squaring off as if to wrestle, can't remember why. We were both laughing and then he said, "You're going DOWN, WOMAN!" I cracked up and I think he was surprised when I wrestled him to the floor and pinned him down.

Or he just MIGHT have let me win, because he is definitely stronger then I am at this stage of the game. As we were wrestling, I noticed his step-father, which started this year's drama walk past and witness how much fun the grandkids have with us when they aren't under the watchful eye.

My grandson's father will always let us see him because he knows kids need their grandparents.

His step-father denies they keep us from the grandkids for months when they get irritated, but as soon as we get enough and go see our grandson at his father's they quit making excuses about us even stopping by to see them.

So, although I dragged out alot of family garbage in this comment, we had a wonderful time with the grandkids, probably one of the best Christmases ever because we were not worried about more drama.

Even if they have to have it early or late, small kids and grandkids are what makes Christmas so special.

We were expecting to have a "cold" Christmas with the kids, but we in fact were able to enjoy the grandkids more because there was an "audience" and we didn't have to watch our every move and worry about what imaginary drama they would invent to keep us from seeing our grandkids again for months.

"You're going down Woman." That will keep me laughing for years.

Buckeroomama said...

I hope the snow lets up a bit.

Here's something to cheer you and the little's up. I saw this and the music just lifted me up and seeing the little kid conduct just made me smile so big.


Hilary said...

Oh poor you.. you need some laughs for sure. That young Maestro was just adorable. Here's one of my favourites. This little guy really loves Florence and the Machine. watch?v=BnBau6fL8S8

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lori, the girls and I loved this.
I wish I had some funny stories for you...but they come and go so quickly, I can't remember.

Rita said...

Here's a link to make anyone/everyone smile. It's definitely a feel good story.

Rita said...

Busy Bee: EXCELLENT video. Amazing that the "word" got around without all this crazy technology, isn't it?

Love it. Btw, I am totally stealing your idea for a Christmas blog.

Brian Miller said...

enjoy may not want to watch the little house on the praire christmas episode where it snows to they have to walk by rope out the 2nd story window to get santas gifts....might not make you feel better...smiles.

Linda said...

Here are a couple of links to YouTube videos that always make me smile:

Hope they do the same for you. Merry Christmas and God's blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about too much togetherness! This clip about the Bronte Power Dolls had me laughing out loud.

Hope you manage to get out for a change of scenery soon! That song could very well be about Sweden too.

Colleen said...

Oh Lori, coming from Manitoba, I do understand how you are feeling! I wish you strength and a few good hours of peace and quiet, some healing alone time! I hope too that the Littles find constructive ways of releasing all that pent up kid energy...
God bless you and wishing you a load of patience as you deal with these frustrations!

slommler said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and some time alone with a glass of Champagne and a bubble bath with soothing music playing in the distance. This is my wish for you this Christmas season!!
Hugging you
ever so gently

Jeannie said...

I'm so sorry you have cabin fever & Christmas to deal with as well. Winter is not my favourite time of year either.

Cheer up - I'll be posting once I catch up with everyone - you can maybe have a moments escape!

kcinnova said...

Some of those pictures look like my life last winter. Hope these make you smile today:

The Incredible Woody said...

Shhh, I'm going to tell you a secret! Last night as Vol Fan and I were coming home to his mother's house, we placed her Christmas decoration reindeer in a, um, compromising position! Vol Fan's nephew has really been taking the heat today. Maybe we will confess later....

kcinnova said...

Okay this one is probably the funnier than the ones I submitted earlier:

Zella said...

Well, I don't know if this is funny, but maybe it's comforting to know that you're not the only one in a cold winter wonderland: our forecast tomorrow is -19F and it has been snowing non-stop all week. No, all month: up to three feet now and the winter has just begun. And I DO hate snow :)

Happy Holidays regardless :)

Just Be Real said...

Oh Dear Lori, I know this has been a really bad winter for your northerners. I thought the video was amusing. Love those long underwear.

I offer my :) to you dear one. Blessings.

Kathryn Magendie said...

this was kind of cute and funny!

Hope you are warm soon!

*hugging you and yours*

Hilary said...

There are some great videos here and I'm going to add another one which makes me laugh.