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In our family....we do second chances...we do grace...we do real...we do mistakes...we do I'm sorry (and I forgive you)...we do loud really well...we do hugs...we do family...we do love.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Things I love

Recently, Steppin Thu, posted a meme in which she was given the letter L and named 10 things that she loves that started with the letter L. At the time, I was too busy to play along, even though I wanted to because I love playing games. Now, Midlife Slices has joined in the fun and posted 10 things she loves that start with the letter R and she put the challenge out to those wanting to play and since I was able to play this time, she gave me the letter D.

So here it goes…10 things I love, that start with the letter D.

1. Darling…as in my husband.

2. Daughters…this is a given.

3. Dare devils…as in my son’s…both have injuries to show for it. Just about every gray hair I have ever had, has come from them.

4. Dancing…I love to dance any chance I can. In fact, I dance around my house with my little people just about every day. I dance at school with all my babies and they love it. The first time I went out with my husband, we danced all night…that was one of the sign’s that he was a keeper.

5. Differences…I love that we are all different. I love to hear other opinion’s than my own. I celebrate the differences of people and how much I learn from them.

6. Dark Chocolate…as in Dove Dark Chocolates. I am not a big candy or sweet eater but every now and then I love a piece of dark chocolate with a glass of red wine…heavenly.

7. Dandelion wine…My mom made this when I was growing up.

8. Drying clothes and sheets outside on the clothesline…I love the smell…plus it saves money.

9. Daydreaming…it’s my escape.

10. Dependable people…there are certain people in my life, that I know I can depend on. I always know that I can count on them to love me and support me, no matter what. And they know they can expect the same from me. It is very important to me, to be a dependable person to others.

Now, I am adding a twist to this game and naming 10 things I don’t like, that start with the letter D.

1. Drunks…I do not like being around people who become obnoxious, mean, belligerent or bitchy when they have too much to drink.

2. Drug addiction…I hate what it did to me although I appreciate what it taught me. I hate what it has done to some of my loved ones. And I hate what it does to those that suffer because of a loved ones addiction. I hate that it took the lives of people that I loved

3. Dirty diapers…yuck!

4. Driving on icy roads and blizzard conditions with people that don’t slow down. We did this for almost 3 hours today and now I’m happy to be home with my boys, little people and husband.

5. Diets…of course, who likes um?

6. Diamonds…have never liked them.

7. Decaffeinated Coffee…I need all the caffeine that I can get.

8. Depression

9. Dining out at Buffet’s or Smorgasbords…unless it’s a really good salad bar with the really good kinds of lettuces and fresh vegetables.

10. Dentist or Doctor bills.

I know many of you are busy or have already played this game but if you are interested in playing along, post me a comment and I will be happy to give you a letter!


The Incredible Woody said...

How 'bout donuts!! Yummy!!

I'm in - give me a letter.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I was good with your list except for the diamonds part....what??????
Are you are real girl??? c'mon...fess up. ;) I am kidding...
I am in....give me a letter please!!!!

Midlife Slices said...

Those are great lists and I like the little twist you added.

Hope you have a great week!

big hair envy said...

Well aren't you just a cutie pie??:) Your lists are so cute, and I may have to steal this meme at some point!

Thanks for stopping by my site. I hope you'll be back to visit soon:)

thistle said...

Hey...most of the stuff on you love it list are things that i love also, altho i prefer the Dove milk chocolate to the dark

andhow interesting that you added the twist, perhaps i'll have to add that part the ante a little i think...

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Great Ds and I like the twist too.

Tricia said...

that's a wonderful list! I love that you put your own spin on it, and all those thing on your second list, they'd be on mine too.

Brittany Danielle said...

Loved it mom, you're so clever! give me a letter :)

Life with Kaishon said...

You don't like diamonds!!!! WHYever not? : ) I love mine. But because I need to go on a DIET it doesn't even fit me right now. Unless I let it be really squishy and hurt. I hate Discomfort! I like you and I love your list! You have danced your way as one of my favorite blogs!

For Myself said...

Just spent a good chunk of time exploring your blog and I'm hooked. You lead an amazing life. Each post was like a little clue to who you are. I'll surely be back!

Bina said...

Okay girl, I have never heard of Dandelion Wine. What does that even taste like??? Just curious.

And yes, I bet my list would match yours, almost exactly.